We would like to introduce you to "the Dutch Nasty Gal" called Rock 'n Ruche! A little street couture brand that sells extravagant but wearable own designs in combination with vintage eye catchers and items from travels far away..

Growing up between the rich kids in the fancy neighbourhood in the Old South of Amsterdam, but not really able to buy the real haute couture, Mette started to design her desired items herself and hunting for vintage became second nature.

Despite the fact never been skilled in working with a sewing machine and therefore screwing up a lot of her wishful designs, continuously trying and practice really started to pay off this time in 2012. Cause her own made boot chaps turned out to be a huge success! While wearing her handmade and surprisingly well stitched pair of "leather galore" to some fashion events in town (being secretly nervous about the looks she would get), people really seemed to love them and wanted to buy them from her!

Now more own designs are being made. And as creator of Rock 'n Ruche and the owner of a little house with an attic full of vintage treasures, chunky sweaters, rare materials 'n lots of ethnic jewellery, there will always be new dreams to complete her garderobe.

"If you can't find them anywhere, make them! Also people should stop judging each other's looks and start wearing more vintage. Not only do I find vintage items are most of the time way better made then now a days.. They've also got histories and souls. And we will all save a little nature by buying old instead of new!"